Designer [Digital + Experiential]

about me 
Mavyn (b. 1999, Hanoi, Vietnam) is an Austin based multidisciplinary visual artist and writer who earned her B.S.A. in Biology and B.A. in Plan II from the University of Texas at Austin. 

Initially an oil painter, her involvement with the Texas Immersive Institute at UT Austin expanded her practice to mixed-media, experiential installation “spatial canvases” that utilize several aspects of environmental design (sound, light, set) to curate experiences that invoke introspective engagement from participants– reimagining the traditional artist/viewer relationship. 

Her writing includes previous publications in arts editorials such as the Center Space Project and Spark Magazine, and occasional drops of poetry via her Substack. Encompassing throughout, nestled within, and extending beyond her creative practices, Mavyn experiments in the realms of visual memoir through careful dissection of her lived experience as part of the diaspora, with a focus on matrilineal heritages.
CURRENTLY: Creative Technology and Art Situation (CATS+) Resident @ Museum of Human Achievement, Austin TX